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Jesus compares himself to a doctor to show that, as a doctor fights disease by working with the sick, so Jesus must go to sinners in order to help them overcome their sins.

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Jesus also talks about fasting in the Gospel of Thomas in sayings 14, 27,sometimes against it such as saying 14 but saying closely resembles this story about fasting and weddings. A tax collector could mean two things.

The third non-indented commandment listed is "Remember the Sabbath dayto keep it holy", but see also Biblical law in Christianity. In contrast to the many followers Jesus attracted, it is 2 mark list clear how many actual disciples students he recruited, only Luke 6: See also Mark 6 Healing of the sick of Gennesaret.

Fasting and new wineskins[ edit ] See also: What its exact meaning is in the original context is not totally clear to even scholars today. A few manuscripts refer to James and not Levi, but most think this is an attempt by a copyist at correction. Jesus then says the bridegroom will be "taken from them" and then his disciples will fast, on that day, see also Lent.

Mark may have simply made a reading error or had an incomplete or inaccurate copy of the Books of Samuel. Mark names Matthew but Levi as one of the Twelve Apostles in 3: And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. For those who do not believe Jesus really had foreknowledge of his death this is taken as a product of the early Church.

He could have been an independent contractor with the Roman governmentwho paid taxes to Rome and then got the right to extract taxes from the people in a certain area, with an added fee for the collector and people he would hire.

It was even considered dangerous to eat with those who did not observe the same dining customs by some Jews like the Pharisees. The command to observe Sabbath is found in Exodus If he does, the new piece will pull away from the old, making the tear worse.

As early as the second century, Marcion used it to justify his doctrine, later called heretical Marcionism. Teaching the law was a profession, and the Pharisees were a group of men who were considered piousso Mark states these people are both Pharisees who also taught the law.

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia: People fasted for many reasons, such as mourning or penitence[14] but another reason was to prepare for the anticipated coming of the messiah and perhaps even to speed up the process. Jesus here claims he knows what Sabbath is for, and thus that he knows the mind of God, something only God could do, and equates himself with the "Lord of the Sabbath", God.

He might have also been a toll collector for Herod Antipas[8] extracting the tolls people had to pay to enter parts of Palestine, and Capernaum was an area with a high traffic of people and merchants.

Thus if David was allowed to break a commandment for hunger, so Jesus can do the same. Jesus is referred to as a bridegroom in several places in the New Testament such as John 3: Since form critics believe the Q hypothesis and that Luke and Matthew copied from Mark, many argue they might have found this too radical and so chose not to include it.

A minority position, held by scholars such as E. Against these interpretations, Luke 5: So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.Mark 2 New International Version (NIV) Jesus Forgives and Heals a Paralyzed Man.

2 A few days later, when Jesus again entered Capernaum, the people heard that he had come home. 2 They gathered in such large numbers that there was no room left, not even outside the door, and he preached the word to them.

3 Some men came, bringing to him a paralyzed man, carried by four of them. 4 Since they. Mark 2 is the second chapter of the Gospel of Mark in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. In this chapter, arguments between Jesus and other Jewish religious teachers begin to appear.

Jesus heals a paralyzed man and forgives his sins, meets with the disreputable Levi and his friends. View the profiles of professionals named Mark List on LinkedIn. There are 20+ professionals named Mark List, who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities.

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