A review of the play jitney

Which ideas are a function of race, and which are functions of class? Doub, a driver, cautious and slow going, a Korean War veteran Fielding, a driver, an alcoholic, formerly a tailor who clothed Billy Eckstine and Count Basie. It collects the stories of these men at all stages of life who congregate in this ramshackle station.

I enjoyed the cast of characters as well as the monologues from a few of them. You ought to stop thinking like that.

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They think of all kind of ways to get your money. Fences is still the best of the plays so far.

You took and threw it all away. Friedman Theatre, where it opened Thursday. While the ensemble nature of the group is natural and intended, Anthony Chisholm is especially unforgettable as Fielding, an incorrigible but amiable drunk with a wonderful whiskey voice.

Angry recriminations are thrown on either side and Becker disowns his son. But I never could.

Philmore, a local Hotel doorman and a frequent jitney passenger. Some thematic ideas that I found interesting include: A son to come up behind me The story of Youngblood and Rena, two young adults attempting with determination to do the heavy lifting that true love calls for, while trying to make a decent and better life for their son.

August Wilson's Jitney

New York Times By: Directed by Marion McClinton, the cast featured four actors who had been with it almost continuously since Eventually, "jitney" referred to the cab itself.

Youngblood attacks Turnbo for causing trouble and Turnbo pulls a gun on him, threatening to shoot him, but station boss Becker intervenes.

Broadway Review: August Wilson’s ‘Jitney’

The pace of the play is slow and meditative as the jitney drivers banter and run the dozens on each other; the plot is subtle - the drivers are working-class men simply trying to make ends meet, each with very different perspectives on where life is taking them.

For instance, "Jitney" was first produced as a one-act at Penumbra in and has been produced twice since at Penumbra. Feb 09, Robert Federline rated it really liked it August Wilson was a special treasure for the City of Pittsburgh.

Jitney on Broadway Reviews

As a theatre major and teacher, I understand that reading a play is an entirely different experience than attending a performance of said play. It also provided a microcosm for August Wilson to explore personalities and struggles faced by these drivers.Jitney, first composed inwas the first of August Wilson’s “Century Cycle” to be written and the last to reach Broadway (in ).Although extensively revised init still seems like an early play: sunnier, with a “slice-of-life” realist feel, lacking the dark music and expressionistic touches that one comes to expect from August Wilson.4/5.

reviews of Hampton Jitney "I disagree with some of the reviews I had the possibility to take the train from penn station to montauk and come back with the jitney bus Night and day IN FAVOR OF THE HAMPTON JITNEY: The bus came on time at pm /5().

Jan 20,  · If there is a central figure in “Jitney,” it’s the hard-working, tension-diffusing Becker, who runs the car service that gives the play its plot and ultimedescente.com: Ben Brantley. “Jitney,” which falls later in the cycle, is the first play the scribe wrote (in ) and captures the essence of that dark decade of hard.

From Jitney, at the Samuel J. Friedman. Ruben Santiago-Hudson’s staging, on a terrific David Gallo set that makes the hill in the Hill District palpable, tries to.

Set in the s in Pittsburghs Hill District, and depicting gypsy cabdrivers who serve black neighborhoods, Jitney is the seventh in Wilsons play cycle (one for each decade) on the black experience in twentieth century America.

A major work by two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner August Wilson/5(20).

A review of the play jitney
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