A study of a police officer

Some countries, such as the United Kingdom have outlined command procedures, for the use in major emergencies or disorder. Etymology[ edit ] The word police comes from the Greek politeia meaning governmentwhich came to mean its civil administration.

Dependent upon each agency, but generally after completing two years of service, officers may apply for specialist positions, such as detectivepolice dog handler, mounted police officer, motorcycle officer, water police officer, or firearms officer in countries where police are not routinely armed.

Police have the legal authority to arrest and detain, usually granted by magistrates. In some countries, including Singaporepolice ranks are supplemented through conscriptionsimilar to national service in the military.

A sheriff is typically the top police officer of a county, with that word coming from the person enforcing law over a shire. In the United States state laws may codify statewide qualification standards regarding age, education, criminal record, and training but in other places requirements are set by local police agencies.

Conscripts face tougher physical requirements in areas such as eyesight, but minimum academic qualification requirements are less stringent.

Experts describe the shame and stigma surrounding mental health within professions that prioritize bravery and toughness, and the public remains largely unaware of these issues, since the vast majority of first responder suicides are not covered by the mainstream media. In some countries, rules and procedures dictate that a police officer is obliged to intervene in a criminal incident, even if they are off-duty.

Police are also responsible for reprimanding minor offenders by issuing citations which typically may result in the imposition of finesparticularly for violations of traffic law. In contrast, 93 firefighters and police officers died in the line of duty.

The more general term for the function is law enforcement officer or peace officer. Police are also trained to assist persons in distress, such as motorists whose car has broken down and people experiencing a medical emergency.

Police officer

All Inclusive with Jay Ruderman Study: Officers of the Polizia Municipale from PiacenzaItaly Promotion is not automatic and usually requires the candidate to pass some kind of examination, interview board or other selection procedure.

For example, PTSD and depression rates among firefighters and police officers have been found to be as much as 5 times higher than the rates within the civilian population, which causes these first responders to commit suicide at a considerably higher rate firefighters: Police Officers and Firefighters Are More Likely to Die by Suicide than in Line of Duty A white paper commissioned by the Foundation has revealed that first responders policemen and firefighters are more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty.

Typical duties relate to keeping the peace, law enforcement, protection of people and property and the investigation of crimes. Qualifications may thus be relaxed or enhanced depending on the target mix of conscripts.

The term copper is originally used in Britain to mean "someone who captures".

Suicide is a result of mental illness, including depression and PTSD, which stems from constant exposure to death and destruction. Police are often used as an emergency service and may provide a public safety function at large gatherings, as well as in emergencies, disasterssearch and rescue situations, and road traffic collisions.

It will save lives. Some join as volunteers, again via differing qualification requirements. They also function to discourage crimes through high-visibility policing, and most police forces have an investigative capability.

This exposure to trauma can lead to several forms of mental illness. This will enable our heroes to identify issues early, and get the help that they need.

Inthere were at least firefighter suicides and police officer suicides. Each local Police agency has different requirements. There is no stigma attached to this, as experienced line patrol officers are highly regarded. Police officers in nearly all countries retain their lawful powers while off duty.

Police officers also respond to emergency calls, along with routine community policing. Officers are expected to respond to a variety of situations that may arise while they are on duty. In some countries, individuals serve jointly as police officers as well as firefighters creating the role of fire police.This study guide is designed to help you obtain your maximum potential score on the National Police Officer Selection Test (POST).

It is divided into four parts, which provides useful information on preparing to take the test. Preparing for the Test Taking the Test.

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Sep 26,  · Fryer's study goes a step further, looking at a broad range of details of individual cases in attempt to determine the level of danger the officer might have confronted. Fryer, however, still does. Police officer courses are offered through bachelor's and master's degree programs in law enforcement and criminal justice.

They're also available through police academy programs, which are. Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a police officer. Get a quick view of the requirements and details about education, required examinations, training and job duties to.

A police officer, also known as an officer, policeman, policewoman, cop, police agent, or a police employee is a warranted law employee of a police force. In most countries, "police officer" is a generic term not specifying a particular rank. In some, the use of the rank "officer.

This study provides a wealth of data on a phenomena that relates directly to police integrity— data that previously did not exist in any useable format. The first goal of the study is to determine the nature and extent of police crime in the.

A study of a police officer
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