A study of tainted drinking water

EPA said it will continue to research the contaminants and will determine by whether to propose drinking water regulations for some of them. The list was the longest ever compiled by the agency under a law requiring it to evaluate possible tap-water pollutants every five years and make regulatory determinations for at least five of them.

Minimum risk levels are estimates of the amount of a chemical that a person can eat, drink or breath each day without a detectable risk to health, the ATSDR said. EWG frets that the remaining chemicals, which have no mandatory federal safety standards, can come in potentially toxic combinations for long-term consumption.

The military is checking whether chemicals from firefighting foam might have contaminated groundwater at hundreds of sites nationwide and potentially tainted drinking water, the Defense Department said. There is also A study of tainted drinking water of increased rates of kidney and testicular cancer among highly exposed humans, it said.

Leaky wells have to be identified first, however. This conclusion, in a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA in July, is a first step in determining whether fracking in the Marcellus Shale underlying much of Pennsylvania is responsible for tainted drinking water in that region.

For two of the chemicals, the report advocates limits that are much stricter than those recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency, and stronger than levels currently being implemented by New Jersey, a national leader in regulating the chemicals.

Any decision to regulate the chemicals at the federal level would have to be made by the EPA, which would use the ATSDR report in its evaluation, advocates said. It also suggests that EPA "greatly expand" requirements for testing water for unregulated contaminants and that Congress provide more money to get the testing done.

EPA regulates of those pollutants, setting maximum legal levels that water utilities achieved 92 percent of the time, according to the study. Another way to link a leaky fracking well to a tainted water well is to show that the earth between them provides pathways for the gas to flow.

But it welcomed the report as a move toward greater protection of the public. The DEP did not respond to a request for comment. News reports based on the emails prompted calls by U. ATSDR, a unit of the Department of Health and Human Services, has been under pressure from public health advocates and some lawmakers to release the study following media reports that publication had been blocked by the White House and the EPA because of wide differences between the two sets of recommendations.

Energy companies claim that the gas can rise naturally from deep formations through rock fissures and that determining a source is therefore problematic.

The man-made chemicals were used in consumer products including nonstick cookware and flame-resistant fabrics, and have been phased out by U. But by denying even the possibility that some wells may leak, the drilling companies have undermined their own credibility.

EPA in September said it was considering regulating additional chemicals in tap water, including pesticides, commercial chemicals, disinfection byproducts, and for the first time, pharmaceuticals. It calls for stricter drinking-water limits State, local authorities could use standards to set their own rules Jon Hurdle Recent Stories Jon is an experienced journalist who has covered a wide range of general and business-news stories for national and local media in the U.

He blamed the Department of Defense for using PFAS in firefighting foam on the military bases in his Bucks County district, and said that people whose private wells were contaminated are now paying to be connected to public water supplies.

In the absence of federal regulation, the new ATSDR standards could be used by state and local authorities to set their own rules, advocates said. Thomas Fuchs Advertisement In Pennsylvania, the closer you live to a well used to hydraulically fracture underground shale for natural gas, the more likely it is that your drinking water is contaminated with methane.

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Groundwater Contamination May End the Gas-Fracking Boom

Anthony Ingraffea, a fracking expert at Cornell University, is combing through the inspection reports for most of the 41, gas wells drilled in Pennsylvania since January The next step in proving whether or not fracking has contaminated specific drinking-water wells would be to figure out whether methane in those wells came from the Marcellus Shale or other deposits.

The study does not prove that fracking has contaminated specific drinking-water wells, however. This water may be legal, but it raises serious health concerns. Yet some scientists maintain that chemical analysis of the gas can reveal whether it slowly bubbled up through thousands of feet of rock or zipped up a leaky well.

The EWG study says the nation should adopt new policies for drinking water that include regulating more contaminants and spending more money on measures that prevent pollution. The chemicals are not regulated by the federal government, but have been subject to increasingly tough limits by state officials responding to growing evidence of risks to public health.

Robert Jackson, a chemical engineer at Duke University, found methane in of shallow, residential drinking-water wells. Human health effects include pregnancy-induced hypertension, liver damage, elevated cholesterol, increased risk of thyroid disease, and decreased fertility.

A federal agency released recommendations on Wednesday on how to protect the public from a class of chemicals that are linked to a range of illnesses including some cancers, immune system problems, decreased fertility, and thyroid disease.

Most groundwater supplies are only a few hundred feet deep, but if the protective metal casing and concrete around a fracking well are leaky, methane can escape into them. The annual water quality reports that utilities are required to send customers provide a partial picture, the study says, as they contain no information on unregulated chemicals.

Isotopes and traces of ethane in the methane indicated that the gas was not created by microorganisms living in groundwater but by heat and pressure thousands of feet down in the Marcellus Shale, which is where companies fracture rock to release gas that rises up a well shaft.Jun 20,  · The military is checking whether chemicals from firefighting foam might have contaminated groundwater at hundreds of sites nationwide and potentially tainted drinking water, the Defense Department.

Mar 17,  · • Lead-tainted water isn't used just for drinking and washing.

Has fracking tainted your water? Scientists say EPA safety study was censored

It's often used for cooking school lunches — where it can wind up in foods like pasta — or making infant formula, posing a. America’s Tainted Water Supply: Study Warns Two-Thirds of the U.S.

are Drinking Cancer Causing Chromium Despite the mounting evidence of chromium presence in drinking water and its harmful effects on human health, the problem has not been fully recognized by the state and federal regulatory bodies.

Ready Nutrition™ is a. Groundwater is one of the Nation's most important natural resources and is an important source of drinking water for mostly-rural populations that supply their own domestic water from local wells. Inabout 43 million Americans supplied their own home water and over 99 percent of that water came from groundwater.

The study found that. Has fracking tainted your water?

U.S. Drinking Water Widely Contaminated

Scientists say EPA safety study was censored believe their water has been tainted by fracking -- but they have few remedies. from safeguarding drinking. Groundwater Contamination May End the Gas-Fracking Boom Shale underlying much of Pennsylvania is responsible for tainted drinking water in that The study does not prove that fracking has.

A study of tainted drinking water
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