Art woman holding a balance

The artist would have been 24 at the time. He probably made similar adjustments in the Last Judgment. Combined with a coolness of tonality, these elements make this one of the so-called pearl pictures. The artist uses atmospheric perspective. The popular Gerrit Doufor example, offered de Monconys a picture for guilders, while his Leyden compatriot, Frans van Mierisdemanded for one of his.

This theme was explored frequently by Dutch artists throughout the 17th-Century and before. She is dressed in a blue morning jacket bordered with white fur; seen through the parting of her jacket are vivid stripes of yellow and orange, perhaps ribbons or part of her bodice.

The shining light upon her gives her and her pregnant belly provides a sense of holiness. It is a more explicitly allegorical work than usual, but some elements remain obscure. Soft light coming through the window illuminates the scene. Did Vermeer intend some comment on life and death?

His judgments are eternal; hers are temporal. Only such introspection could lead to virtuous choices along the path of life. Pearls, however, have many symbolic meanings, ranging from the purity of the Virgin Mary to the vices of pride and arrogance.

Feller and M. A woman dressed in a blue jacket with fur trim stands serenely at a table in a corner of a room.

Woman Holding a Balance

A shimmering blue cloth and an open jewelry box with two strands of pearls and a gold chain lie on the sturdy table. The colors used by the artist and the expression on the womans face send out a feeling of harmony. More Essay Examples on Color Rubric The image has a low contrast value pattern because the colors are all dark.

The woman is depicted standing quietly, almost Madonna-like, in front of a mirror. Soft light comes in through the window and illuminates the scene.

The subsequent technical investigations of the painting by Robert L. Lacking the underlayer, the spot is not only smaller but also less softly luminescent compared to the pearls.

The most important of these are the pearls and the small mirror hanging on the wall. The woman is strategically placed under shining light. Her white cap falls loosely to either side of her neck, framing her pensive yet serene face. No exact prototype for this composition of the Last Judgment is known.

A large painting of the Last Judgment, framed in black, hangs on the back wall of the room. For example, he seems to have used the camera obscura, a pinhole device used to project an image onto a wall surface with a lens. Nonetheless, the small, delicate balance is the central feature and focus of the picture, which is all about the weighing of transitory material concerns against spiritual ones.

He dealt in works of art and seems to have used works from his own collection in his paintings. The woman is so pensive that the viewer almost hesitates to intrude on her quiet moment of contemplation. Behind the woman is a painting of the Last Judgment featuring Christ with raised, outstretched hands.

There is a complete lack of tension or conflict in her portrayal: As riches they belong to, and are valued within, the temporal world.

Art Woman Holding a Balance Essay

In he registered as a master painter with the St. She is likely to have required Vermeer, born a Reformed Protestant, to convert to Catholicism. The woman is pregnant which is a period of tranquility and joy in a womans life which also creates a sense of hope.

In the instances where we know the actual painting Vermeer owned, as, for example, The Procuress, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, inv.The gesture [of holding the balance] requires precise coordination of delicate physical and mental calculations—the same capacities that Vermeer's art demanded from him.

Woman Holding a Balance offers a superb example of Johannes Vermeer ’s exquisite sense of order and rhythm.

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Woman Holding a Balance is an allegorical scene that urges us to conduct our lives with temperance and moderation. The painting within the painting offers an important clue in that Christ's Last Judgment is echoed by the woman's own actions.

Overview. Woman Holding a Balance is a superb example of Johannes Vermeer’s exquisite sense of stability and rhythm. A woman dressed in a blue jacket with fur trim stands serenely at a table in a corner of a room. Interpretation of Woman Holding a Balance Unquestionably among the greatest genre paintings ever produced, Vermeer's Woman Holding a Balance was known - until detailed analysis revealed that the pans of the balance were empty - as The Goldweigher or Girl Weighing Pearls.

Formal Analysis Essay “Woman Holding a Balance” I - Art Woman Holding a Balance introduction. This is a religious piece of art. A. The painting that Vermeer placed in the background is “The last Judgement” by Jacob de Backer which depicts Jesus Christ in heaven with extended arms.

B. The woman in the image is.

Art woman holding a balance
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