Cousin kate by christina rossetti 2 essay

After all, Jesus himself had a heart for the woman who was caught in the very act of prostitution. Often if there was no legitimate son to inherit wealth, an illegitimate son would be named heir. During this time, women were married away with a dowry, but they were not given an inheritance.

Linking back to the previous paragraph another difference between the two texts is the setting and difference in the periods of time, early nineteenth century and late twentieth century. In the second stanza the poem shows how the great lord has managed to persuade her to back to his palace where he would woe her.

Thus, despite losing her husband and place in society, the speaker clings to the hope that one day her son will have a better life through inheriting the wealth of his father. Then she says that she sits in the dust and howls. She had no thought for a man and no desire for anything that she did not already have.

An English poet who mainly aimed her poems at children she lived in London and was educated privately. The word belly is used because it is a childish word and so reminds us that the girl in the poem is still a child.

Gold is a symbol of wealth and riches, singing represent happiness. With the final stanza, the speaker continues to contrast herself with Kate. She claims that she did not even know that she was a beautiful girl until a great lord found her out.

Kate was fortunate enough to be able to watch what happened with her cousin before the lord took an interest in herself. This could be an example of the girl realizing her guilt and beginning to face up to the mistakes she has made.

This reveals that the speaker did feel herself in love with the lord, though he used her as he did. It is not a typical poem of its time setting because of the theme the poem is showing and as we can see this when analysing the poem.

Adjectives such as quiet, silver and blind build up a picture of the setting.

“My Cousin Kate” by Christina Rossetti Essay Sample

She uses the image of the dove in order to refer to her innocence. Perhaps this fear of men and their power over women is what lead Rossetti to remain single, though she received two offers of marriage. The word confetti is used as it is immediately linked to marriage, and again purity.

Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti

The poem begins with the description of a beautiful young maiden who spent her days out in the sun and the air. She does not consider him a curse but a gift. She tells her cousin that she knows that she must fret about what she does not have.Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti Essay Words | 6 Pages.

Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti The poem cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti is about a young girl who falls in love with a great lord (a rich and powerful man), but then he leaves her for her cousin.

Christina Rossetti’s poem ‘Cousin Kate’ The poem ‘Cousin Kate” written by Christina Rossetti signifies a story of the speaker which explains what happens to a ‘cottage maiden’ once she has been sullied by a man which consequently leads her to lose her innocence.

‘Cottage maiden’ creates a rural simplistic image of the speaker who has a low status. “My Cousin Kate” by Christina Rossetti Essay Sample.

Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti and The Seduction by Eileen McAuley Essay

A Poem which was written by Christina Rossetti in the Victorian times between the years Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti Prev Article Next Article The time period in which this poem, Cousin Kate, was written makes the message all the more meaningful.

Poetry Essays / Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti and The Seduction by Eileen McAuley; Cousin Kate by Christina Rossetti and The Seduction by Eileen McAuley. Apart from the clear differences in the structure of these two texts, the similarity is between the authors.

A female Christina Rossetti who seemed to be very ardent in her work and.

Essay title: Explain how Rossetti creates sympathy for the narrator in ‘Cousin Kate’. Use examples from the poem to support your answers. How to cite this page.

Cousin kate by christina rossetti 2 essay
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