Employees welfare fund in india

If the employer does not deduct employees contribution in a timely manner, employer may have to pay it himself. Employees welfare fund in india Jindal Scholarship Trust has been set up, under which deserving students are given scholarships.

This insurance scheme provides adequate insurance coverage of employees for expenses Employees welfare fund in india to hospitalization due to illness, disease or injury or pregnancy.

The Kerala worker welfare fund model is contributory with contributions, in varying ratios depending on the scheme, from employers, government, and workers.

They have now been extended to the society in general. The benefits paid out by the funds also vary from scheme to scheme, but the common categories of benefits under different welfare fund schemes in Kerala are summarized below: Some States have covered many different types of workers.

The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1953

If an employer is not paying contributions due to the Board, the commissioner will issue a notice to pay the dues. Student hostels, drinking water facilities, the rehabilitation of crippled persons, donations to religious and educational institutions, and so forth are examples of philanthropic deeds.

He felt that, as a compensation, or expiration or even as an investment in a good deed punyamhe should liberally contribute Employees welfare fund in india the creche in the factory as well as to other child-welfare institutionsand also to medical services for his workers.

Some employers proudly take their visitors round the plant to show how well they have organised their welfare activities. For this purpose, apart from paying its own contribution with respect to each employee covered under the statute, the employer needs to deduct a contribution amount from the salary of the employee as well and submit such amount to the labour welfare fund.

In every organization, especially factories, suitable seating arrangements are to be provided. It so happened, however, that the children born to him died as soon as they were born. In fact, welfare facilities are not restricted to the workers alone.

Clearly, a welfare state cannot remain a passive spectator of this limitless exploitation. Such compulsion was necessary because the employer believed in exploiting labour and treating it in an unfair manner.

The Hindustan Machine Tools has a big playground and a community hall, which are let out for competitions and functions. Tamil Nadu State, for instance, has 16 or more welfare boards and schemes for construction workers, truck drivers, footwear workers, handloom and silk weaving workers, and other categories of informal workers.

Functional Theory Also known as the efficiency theory of labour welfare, the functional theory implies that welfare facilities are provided to make the workers more efficient. Cafeteria or canteens are to be provided by the employer so as to provide hygienic and nutritious food to the employees.

But times have changed, and the concept of welfare, too, has undergone changes. The trusteeship is not actual and legal, but it is moral and, therefore, not less real. Later, his own health suffered. Jindal Aluminium, Bangalore, maintains the famous Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences Centre and a public school for the benefit of the public.

In bygone days, the government of the land had to compel the owner of an industrial establishment to provide such basic amenities as canteens, rest rooms, drinking water, good working conditions, and so forth, for their employees. Any establishment which is covered under the Bombay Shops and Establishments Act, or employs at least 5 employees is required to make bi-annual contributions in the months of June and December every year to the Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund with respect to each of its employees including contract labourers except those employed in managerial capacity or supervisory role drawing monthly salary of more than INR 3, In short, the state assumes the role of a policeman, and compels the managers of industrial establishments to provide welfare facilities, and punishes the non-complier.

It enacts legislation under which managements are compelled to provide basic amenities to the workers. The public relations theory of labour welfare.

Public Relations Theory According to this theory, welfare activities are provided to create a good impression on the minds of the workers and the public, particularly the latter. The philanthropic theory is more common in social welfare.

At all the working places safe hygienic drinking water should be provided. I have already written about a couple of statutes over here earlier.

Provident fund, retirement benefit and gratuity 3. Social Theory The social obligation of an industrial establishment has been assuming great significance these days.

For several reasons, such as low wages, lack of education, and so forth the workers are at present unable to take care of themselves. There is the story of a big Jain employer who firmly held the belief that the provision of welfare facilities for workers was outside the duties of the management.

Adequate lockers are also provided to the workers to keep their clothes and belongings. Tweet on Twitter Hands that serve Since there is so little information available on local statutes despite their importance to specific issues, I have decided to write down about the ones that I work with.

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Consequently, in this particular factory, there came to exist an excellent creche and a well-organised dispensary. The States collect a cess on construction projects worth more than one million rupees and transfer the amount raised to the Welfare Fund for Construction Workers which registers workers and brings them under cover of welfare schemes such as health insurance and scholarships for children.

Proper and sufficient lights are to be provided for employees so that they can work safely during the night shifts. Peace can be bought by welfare measures. If the employer fails to pay despite notice, interest will be charged on the dues.LABOUR LAWS IN INDIA Index Particulars Page No.

1. Introduction Employees Provident Fund And Misc. Provisions Act, 51 d) The Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of employers and employees. In other words, Labour law defines the rights and obligations as workers.

Labour Welfare Fund Rules India. Skip to end of metadata. ; Go to start of metadata. As of now only selected states and union territories in India administers Labour Welfare Fund (LWF).

The following state/UTs follow LWF. State or Union Territory. Contribution Frequency. Contribution Month(s) Employee Contribution. Employer Contribution. Under the provision of Section 9 of the West Bengal Labour Welfare Fund Act, every employer of factory or commercial establishment or other establishments as defined u/s 2(5) of the Act shall send employees' contributionand employers' contrib.

The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act, provides for the constitution of a fund for the financing of activities to promote welfare of labour in the state of Maharahstra.

Worker Welfare Funds in India

Any establishment which is covered under the Bombay Shops and Establishments Act, or employs at least 5 employees is required to make bi-annual contributions in the. Labour Welfare Funds of a managerial nature are liable for contribution to the Labour Welfare Fund. The employee's/ employer's share shall be paid directly by the employer to the Labour Welfare Fund, the share of Govt.

of NCT of Delhi shall be released subsequently after getting the details of the contribution collected as aforesaid. Trans-India Law Associates, Advocates & Legal Consultants Office: TLA SUITE, JA, DLF Tower DELHI LABOUR WELFARE FUND Guidelines to be followed as per The Bombay Labour Welfare Fund Act, (applicable to Statement of employees and.

Employees welfare fund in india
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