Factory farm discursive essay

In the end their bodies become too weak to pass another egg and are termed as spent hens.

IELTS factory farms essay

Thus, family farmers and rural residents are really worrying about this problem. Veal calves are normally kept for eighteen weeks during which they are fed on iron and fiber deficient milk that makes them anemic. He describes the process in such a way that readers should admit to cease eating meat altogether.

The harm done to the people who consume the meat or live near the farms is scary. There are numerous of hazards in factory farming. The only reason they began pecking was the lack of space, which causes the chickens Factory farm discursive essay become aggressive.

Even with all the benefits meat gives people, there are some very important downsides. In my opinion well what I think is mostly to help with jobs and to feed the millions of American and people around the world.

They are raised just to die. Factory farming pollutes environment, affects animals, public health, especially those, who live close to such farms. What is the problems of factory farming? This system of industrial agriculture has largely contributed to air pollution, water pollution and depletion of the top soil among many other forms of environmental destruction.

They are kept in cages with barley any room to move. The majority of people have not had illnesses caused by contaminated meat.

Their talons are also ripped out to keep them from scratching other chickens. This leaves a lot of filth both liquid and solid. This reduces the chemical posion and intoxication of are food products.

Their number is increasing every year all around the world. This is one of my model IELTS essays lessons where you can read the essay get a full lesson on how to write the essay Read the IELTS factory farms essay In recent years, farming practice has changed to include methods such as factory farming and the use of technology to improve crops.

Some people believe these developments are necessary, while others regard them as dangerous and advocate a return to more traditional farming methods. Though, there is other opinion about not eating meat due to different reasons, such as religious, ethical or cultural.

Questions What happens in the farm? Animal product consumption has greatly increased in developing countries since and this is attributed to industrialization in agriculture. Livestock are fed with grains instead of pasture which means that a lot of energy is used up by the animal during the conversion of grains eaten to meat.

The system of factory farming needs to be reformed. Factory farming provides much lower prices for its products. There are also more people to feed in the United States. This animal cruelty together with production of toxic wastes from factory farming calls for environmental and animal rights activists to come forth and address these concerns.

Chickens are also kept in deplorable conditions. In addition, farm animals produce a considerably huge amount of waste which contaminates waterways with pfiesteria bacteria. Factory farm animals across the U.

In fact over 53 billion animals and birds are tortured and slaughtered around the world in farming operations. Also it provides an in site on how we get are food an eat it.Factory Farms Essays: OverFactory Farms Essays, Factory Farms Term Papers, Factory Farms Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Factory Farming Essay. RP1FAL Factory farming is one of the most controversial topics talked about around the world. Most people just believe their perfectly packaged meat from the supermarket comes from a normal farm.

Little do they know, it’s much more than that. Consumers have no idea what animals go through just for them to have a great.

Factory Farming Essay

Factory Farming Essay Words | 6 Pages. factors are made possible because of factory farming. Factory farming is the reason why consumers are able to purchase low-priced poultry in their local supermarket and also the reason why chickens and other animals are being seen as profit rather than living, breathing beings.

Custom Factory Farming vs. Family Farming Essay

a British. Read the IELTS factory farms essay. In recent years, farming practice has changed to include methods such as factory farming and the use of technology to improve crops.

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Factory farm discursive essay
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