First day of school writing activities first grade

There are so many great resources online to supplement these texts if you are looking for a little something extra.

Wait for all students to finish. Learning Centers are a big hit in my room—so, I have really neat ones out that first week. Invite students to scan the first chapter of their text -- or the Table of Contents, which introduces major areas typically covered in the course. At the beginning of the year, I make the statements more low-key, but as the year progresses, I increase the complexity of the statements, even using academic questions to review content.

Students write four or five statements about themselves. Encourage them to use a word or short phrase. You can use the free cards that I made last year by clicking on the picture below.

Kindergarten Writing Activities

After the rough drafts are written they are to do a final draft and attach it to a white piece of paper, where they add an illustration. Walter is very lazy and never pays attention in school. Throughout the week, during free time, students can choose a bag, put the puzzle together, compare the puzzle with the posted sentences, and guess which classmate it may be.

The game is easy and requires no set-up or materials. Here are a few of my favorites: At the end of the year it is exciting to observe the students react to their own letters and share with others. I ask them to make it as beautiful as possible as it will be very important to them throughout the year.

The numbers are then used to make a Math About Me poster. Let them have about 10 minutes or so to do this. When a student has a BINGO one name signed per square give the person a small prize, such as being first in line that day.

I then ask them to write back to me and fill me in on them. As they are reading their card, write down what they are saying on the front board. I definitely recommend it!! The kids are very proud to have picture of their families in the classroom. Then I give them the letters when they graduate the 8th grade.

Rather than rushing to try to do it all, I made sure to take time to enjoy the small moments that we need to cherish those first few days. Cooperative learning activities provide a perfect opportunity to show students we care about them. I tell them I want them to pay attention to punctuation and do the best they can on spelling as well, without putting too much pressure on them about it.

If there is time, I will try to answer the quizes out loud so that everyone gets to know everyone a bit. Draw a line in the top space that has a curve to it and photocopy that page for each student in your class. Stephen School; Oil City, Pennsylvania Going in Circles For the entire first day of school, I arrange all the desks in a large circle, with everyone facing the center.

To create the bottles, I filled my squeeze bottles with vegetable oil and dumped out half of the water in each bottle. As students enter the classroom, hand each child a puzzle piece. Plan a Scavenger Hunt This could involve students searching the classroom to find things like the pencil sharpener or the hall pass, or it could ask them to discover which of their classmates took a long trip over the summer or who has a younger brother.

On Tuesday, my students arrived as usual, however, our morning work was very atypical. Then we talk about repecting one another and our classroom rules. The students read their own letter.

I take a snapshot of each child for the center of the poster.Education World's Back to School archive page offers loads of useful articles and 12 volumes of icebreakers and first day of school activities to help students and teachers get to know each other.

Back-to-School Prep Guide: Games, Icebreaker Activities

The best teaching ideas for math, reading, science, writing, art, spelling, assessment, bulletin boards, character ed, class meetings, classroom management, first day. Related tips: Icebreaker Activities / Getting Acquainted Autobiography Poem The first day of school I tell my ; Ideas for Morning Work or Bell Work Activities to Start the School Day Beginning your Day Submitted by: Dollucy Grainger, Pre-k teacher Have a ; Back to School Bulletin Boards and Displays Blasting Off Into Learning Bulletin Board.

Looking for activities for middle school students? Check out's fun and original middle school activities and educational middle school games! Here are 7 original, engaging activities for the first day of school to get the year started with a bang. Jul 24,  · The first days back are the most exciting and yet overwhelming days of the year!

Empty bulletin boards, a new audience for all your favorite read alouds and of course, all the crafts and activities you've pinned on your "back-to-school" Pinterest board all summer.

First day of school writing activities first grade
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