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The unsafe or hazardous working conditions have several long-term psychological and physiological consequences for the workers and the organizations. Safety at Workplace Workplace safety refers to the prevention of illness, injury, and hazards in the workplace for all employees.

Some of the special employee roles include: Small Enterprise Research21 2 If a worker complaint cannot be resolved, either of the co-chairpersons should inform the employer.

Safety in Action Press. It is important for Debenhams to have a first aider because they have to ensure the safety of the public over their personal profits. Next, mechanics is another part of the college that have to ensure they focus on Health and Safety as they are working around dangerous tools and they are fixing cars which could injure Health and safety responsibilities essay if they fail to do it correctly.

Conduct a detailed risk assessment of a selected workplace M3 Organisation name: The morale and motivation of the workers increase due to the implementation of rules that safeguard the health and interest of the employees.

The determinants of federal and state enforcement of workplace safety regulations: Organizations cannot take risk for their respective employees because an occurrence of a negative event would tarnish the credibility of an organization.

The college can improve on this by making sure they have covers for the wires and ensuring they are out of sight so no one can hurt themselves.

If the recommendations are accepted, a timetable for action must be outlined and provided to the health and safety representative or joint health and safety committee. They can improve this by changing the shelves and making sure they are secured before leaving them.

Finally, catering is the last department that have to ensure they focus on Health and Safety and just like the canteen they can improve by protecting their food, making sure the ovens are turned off correctly and making sure no one is near the stoves whilst they are on.

If an employer decides against acting on the recommendations, reasons must be given in writing. So this shows that the importance of a line manager in Debenhams is vital.

Roles and responsibilities for Health and Safety Essay Sample

Mishaps and accidents are unforeseen occurrences that can lead to several adverse consequences in the absence of effective safety measures and precautions. However the college have to improve on the layout of the classroom as it is overcrowded and people can get injured.

The roles and responsibilities for health and safety Essay Sample

Another, employer that has to make sure they focus on Health and Safety are contractors and it is important because they are self-employed so they are liable for any Health and Safety issues that may occur on site so they have to make sure they have something to fall back on like insurance.

Organizations take all necessary measures to ensure the productivity of all workers and employees to maximize profits and achieve organizational objectives Blair, The union represents teachers and other workforces that need a body to represent them and their views.

However, the managers cannot uphold efficiency and effectiveness in the absence of a safe workplace. The employer must provide a location for joint health and safety committee meetings. More essays like this: There are instances when employees at times die because of sever working conditions.

There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. So in conclusion, Central Bedfordshire College has many issues they need to address and by addressing them they will be making the college a safer place for all staff, students and visitors that pass through the college.

All these roles are vital for Debenhams to have because they have to ensure the Health and Safety of their customers and employees is upheld to the highest possible standard. Also consultants have a role where they consult companies on the jobs they are doing and they have to make sure they consider Health and Safety whilst consulting with the companies.

For example, drivers and passengers can avoid serious injuries and death by wearing seatbelts while traveling in cars. Safety at the workplace enables organizations to comply with regulatory requirements and prevent high costs resulting from injuries and illnesses.

Health and safety in the health and social care

The management has to devise and implement effective safety procedures to reduce hazards and prevent accidents in the workplace. Certain industries and their associations bind organizations to work for the benefit of their employees and they force organizations to focus on different safety related perspectives.Free Essay: unit Contribute to Health and Safety Identify the lines of responsibility and reporting for health and safety in the work setting.

In my. Understand Health and Safety in Social Care Settings – Unit List legalisation relating to general health and safety in a social care setting. Employer Employer responsibilities include informing the health and safety representative or joint health and safety committee of any work-related.

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Health and Safety - Employer Responsibilities The employer is required by law to manage health and safety in order to protect employees and non-employees. understanding how health and safety legislation is implemented in the health and social care workplace Review systems, policies and procedures for communicating information on health and safety in the health and social care workplace in accordance with legislative requirements We will write a custom essay sample on Health and safety in the health.

Explain the roles and responsibilities for Health and Safety of key personnel in a selected workplace (P3) There are many employees that have different.

Health and safety responsibilities essay
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