How does armitage make the poem

Death-dart alone I find. Poem Analysis Armitage creates a tension in the opening lines. Good poetry can offer hope from seemingly painful experience. A book, containing the poems and the accounts of Lonsdale and Hall, has been produced as a record of that journey [14] and has been published by Enitharmon Press.

Both dragonfly and Boeing dangle in its see-through nothingness… Among the jumbled bric-a-brac I keep a padlocked treasure-chest of empty space, and on days when thoughts are fuddled with smog or civilization crosses the street with a white handkerchief over its mouth and cars blow kisses to our lips from theirs I turn the key, throw back the lid, breathe deep.

What does a life amount to?

#PoetryPromise August: Let me put it this way by Simon Armitage

Its lines are all end-stopped with a full stop, suggesting a flatness of expression. The unusual tone of the poem highlights our own unsympathetic attitudes towards vulnerable homeless people. A good poem should engage the heart of the reader it should be more than mere intellectual cleverness.

Similarly, the tone is calm and the rhyming couplet suggests balance and order. The poem has been attached to a building at the university, where it will be on display for one year. She does not offer certainties but ambiguously points to immortality.

Both the intimate, romantic tone and the cheerful offer of entertainment are gone. When it snowed, he would go out with a spade and clear the driveway.

Yet these flickers of a less pleasant side to his personality are also mentioned, suggesting that nobody is outright good or, by extension, outright bad. Is the speaker really asking simply for loose change — or are they demanding a shift in attitudes and situation?

A good poem should be able to lift the reader out of the ordinary and give glimpses of a more illumining reality. This is one of the main distinguishing features of poetry as compared to prose.

This poem is about a man using a chainsaw to cut down the pampas grass of South America. This is another good quality of a poem it engages the reader to think for himself Poetry often takes its inspiration from nature.

Good poetry can never be faked.

‘Give’ by Simon Armitage (Poetry Analysis, GCSE)

Eliot Prizeboth of which were published in July Let air be a major god, its being and touch, its breast-milk always tilted to the lips. He has made literary, history and travel programmes for BBC Radios 3 and 4; and since he has written and presented a number of TV documentaries.

I hear Thy golden Flute, Its notes bring the Summit down. But Armitage innovates with the form, bringing the odd and even rhyme-words uncomfortably close together: Armitage is fond of using such titles.

Only in the last stanza does the power imbalance and begging become explicit. He was an attentive father, tucking his daughter up in bed every night.

Epic nature In this final extract from Savitri by Sri Aurobindo, the poet touches on the divine essence of life, and builds up the theme, with a mantric cadence and The vast universal suffering feel as thine: Now safe am I, O Absolute!

A mantric quality of language. Good poetry is poetry that we can feel an identification with. What makes a good poem?

What makes a good poem?

The reader himself can feel a oneness with the poet. Whether it is a rhyming sonnet of Shakespeare or a simple statement of W. Prose seeks to explain, poetry merely states.Simon Armitage was born in West Yorkshire, England in He earned a BA from Portsmouth University in geography, and an MS in social work from Manchester University, where he studied the impact of televised violence on young offenders.

Aug 01,  · This beautiful poem is on the final page of Simon Armitage’s Book of Matches, a series of brilliant meditations on love. It concludes Reading the Banns, the third section of the book, which is an account of his own wedding. “How does Armitage make the poem ‘About his Person’ particularly moving to you”.

Simon Armitage

The poem ‘About his Person’ is a poem about a man who commits suicide. We are not given exactly how or why straightforwardly but we are given the.

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What makes a good poem? 1. A good poem must be well written with a concise and accurate use of language. The great advantage of poetry is that it can encapsulate ideas in the minimum of words.

This is one of the main distinguishing features of poetry as compared to prose. 2. A good poem should be able to lift the reader out of the ordinary. Simon Armitage was born on May 26,in the village of Marsden, in West Yorkshire, England. He received an undergraduate degree from Portsmouth University in geography, followed by a master's degree in social work from Manchester University where he researched the impact of television violence on young offenders.

Two of Simon Armitage’s poems, ‘Poem’ and ‘About His Person’ are written about someone who has, for unspecified reasons, passed away or gone.

How does armitage make the poem
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