Htaccess rewrite all to www

This makes the file usable by the server, but prevents it from being read by a browser, which can seriously compromise your security. So, a link like index. The following test script will simply echo the name of the page you asked for to the screen, so that you can check that the RewriteRule is working.

The city is selected via the URI like this: This parameter tells the page how to be displayed, and what content to htaccess rewrite all to www into it. We can catch these cases, and hopefully alert the reader to the correct address by updating their location bar once the redirect is done with these lines: All you need to do is turn on the [R] flag, by appending it to the rule: This expression combines two metacharacters: But there is much more available to you through the marvelously simple.

The RewriteRule will match zero or one of any character, and will redirect to http: The URL in your browser window will show the name of the page which you requested, but the content of the page will be created by the index. The regex begins with the!

Any flags which you use should be surrounded in square brackets, and comma separated. The rewrite rule must go on one line with one space between the RewriteRule statement, the regex, and the redirection and before any optional flags.

The RewriteCond statement is used to specify the conditions under which a RewriteRule statement should be applied. Suppose you have a web page which takes a parameter.

So now we have: For example, if you have password protected directories, if a browser can read the htaccess file, then they can get the location of the authentication file and then reverse engineer the list to get full access to any portion that you previously had protected.

Chances are that your editor will append its default file extension to the name ex: So, how is this done? The parts in square brackets are called ranges.

ISAPI_Rewrite 3 - Apache .htaccess mod_rewrite compatible module for IIS

So, for example, a user may ask for http: RewriteRules are broken up as follows: The user will receive a error. All it takes are a couple of RewriteCond statements in your.

Whatever is found here will be captured and remembered. Our rewrite rule is now complete! A special substitution is. If you put the page in http: Then the second rule has something to match, and transparently redirects this URL to productinfo.

If you use this flag, you must prefix the substitution with http: The atom values are being extracted from the request string and added to the query string of our rewritten URI.

You need to make sure you are allowed to use htaccess before you actually use it. You get something nice for yourself, and I get a little bit of commission to pay for servers and the like. In our examples above, we were only allowing two numbers after products.

You can also rename it via telnet or your ftp program, and you should be familiar enough with one of those so as not to need explaining.

Using regular expressions you can have your rules matching a set of URLs at a time, and mass-redirect them to their actual pages. L - Last Rule. We have encased the regular expression part of the URL in parentheses, because we want to store whatever value was found here for later use.

The flags which I find to be most useful are: In short, the nearest htaccess file to the current directory is treated as the htaccess file.

If the test string is neither empty nor our own server, then we will serve an alternative low bandwidth image, which tells the person who is hotlinking off for stealing our bandwidth.

RewriteCond statements are as they sound - conditional statements for RewriteRules. So, any requests for gif, jpg or png files from referers other than somesite.What they are/How to use ultimedescente.comss files (or "distributed configuration files") provide a way to make configuration changes on a per-directory basis.

A file, containing one or more configuration directives, is placed in a particular document directory, and the directives apply to that directory, and all subdirectories thereof.

iPhone detection and redirection. I have written an article on how to use htaccess to detect and redirect iPhone users, by examining the User-Agent header iPhone sends. Htaccess redirection. Htaccess can be used to create various forms of redirection.

I have made ultimedescente.comss FAQ with anser to the most frequently asked questions ultimedescente.comss and mod_rewrite. I will continously update. Sick of one silly typo in ultimedescente.comss file causing your entire site to be broken?

Htaccess FAQ

This simple checker will validate that ultimedescente.comss lines are free of any syntax errors. ISAPI_Rewrite 3 - ultimedescente.comss mod_rewrite compatible module for IIS.

ISAPI_Rewrite is a powerful regular-expressions-based URL rewriter for is compatible with Apache mod_rewrite making it possible to move configurations from Apache to IIS and vice versa just by ultimedescente.comss files (please see this.

Apache users, it's time to see why the mod_rewrite module is one of the server's most valued treasures. Here, DK steps you though the rewrite rules, regular expressions, and rewrite conditions.

Htaccess rewrite all to www
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