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The reason why the American Revolution was fought was to free an oppressed people; obviously, America did not simply choose to begin a war for no reason at all.

Johnny Got His Gun

It is quite obvious that Bonham deliberately belittles such patriotic beliefs to a point which slightly resembles American terrorism.

Therefore, the argument that Bonham is insane and cannot mentally function normally is false. Since Bonham is also able to even differentiate his own nurses by merely the vibrations of their footsteps, he is also capable of evidently being aware of the circumstances and his radical statements towards American ideas.

In some cases, soldiers who were in wars had severe mental problems when they would return home from war because of the brutality they saw. Immediately, it should become obvious that this drastic statement contradicts the American Revolution.

Obviously this is not a good solution, which is why we must find other ways to solve our disputes. This book changed my attitude towards war and the men who fight in them. The life that Joe Bonham led after his injuries was in no way glamorous but instead the worst possible way to live When I originally started reading this book I thought that war was a necessary part of our society to keep other countries in order, but now I realize that war serves no purpose whatsoever.

Joe understands the growing desire on the part of some people to see the freak casualties of war; he stresses his potential to serve as a visual attraction in order to get out of the hospital.

The novel suggests that these are dilemmas that do not have to be addressed outside of modern warfare. Joe thinks in terms of an "us" vs. He wonders to himself where they will bury the arm and if they will honor it. The description of his injuries gave the reader a picture of what it would be like to have lived with no legs, arms, or a face.

Bonham actually even deems the men who fought for liberty victims of ignorance with the following: When Joe finally became conscience of his surroundings he realized what had happened to him. Thus said, Bonham fully interprets his own words and hardly contemplates them at all. Furthermore, Joe, with his unique position of being on the edge of life and death, can attest to the fact that dying men think only of their families, friends, and, most important, their wish to be alive—not about abstract ideals.

I especially disagree with Bonham and believe his words are unjust because it drastically contradicts American culture as well as several European cultures.

There have been countless other diligent leaders who fought for such beliefs in order to establish America. War is something that no man should ever hope for, but young men were told that it was glorious to fight for your country.

In most cases it would be possible to resolve a problem without fighting but it is easier to just fight over it. In most cases it is not necessary to shed blood in other countries.

It may have been heroic but definitely not glamorous to kill another human.

Some may argue that since Bonham had been traumatized by the horrendous experiences throughout the war he was not in the "right mind" to even be able to distinguish, analyze or be aware, in anyway, of his statements.

Although, I understand that Bonham is generally thinking impulsively when he says such things, it is still politically incorrect of him and the author, Dalton Trumbo, to insist on such ideas when the situation is not fully understood.

Modern warfare creates unprecedented dilemmas and specimens of injury and decay. The oppression of the working classes by the upper classes is not a blunt matter of coercion.

As evidenced from the past tense verb in the title of the novel, Johnny Got His Gun takes as its focus the aftermath of war for a soldier, rather than the optimistic, patriotic prewar time frame upon which other novels--as well as the original song "Johnny Get Your Gun"--focus.

Bonham clearly affirms that liberty and democracy are subjects deemed unworthy of much political involvement or attention—thus, liberty and democracy according to Bonham are ideas which are dangerous to countries, including America, and infiltrate moral individuals.

Joe realizes that his father was a failure by the standards of modern capitalism, as he could never make enough money to save money. This enables many to believe Bonham had been struck with mental illness or insanity; yet, this is a false argument because Bonham, between pages tois able to correctly decipher and create a distinct pattern that which to tell time.Study Guide for Johnny Got His Gun.

Johnny Got His Gun study guide contains a biography of Dalton Trumbo, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Johnny Got His Gun Johnny Got His Gun is a striking literary work about a young man, Joe Bonham, and his internal struggles following a devastating war injury.

He lost his arms, legs, and face. Dalton Trumbo, the author Johnny Got His Gun, allows the reader to know Bonham's thoughts, but nothing more.

Johnny Got His Gun is clearly an antiwar novel. While the root of this sentiment involves the brutality of war, Joe also protests the organization of modern warfare that has the interests of the moneyed classes as its purpose.

Don't think that just because this stuff happened a long time ago it isn't still relevant: Johnny Got His Gun was the anti-war novel for the Vietnam War, and it continued to be part of the protest movements for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This novel may be a oldie, but something about it keeps drawing people back.

Below is an essay on "Johnny Got His Gun" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Moral Duty The novel Johnny Got His Gun written by Dalton Trumbo focuses on the life of a young soldier who encountered a dramatic change in his life.

Below is an essay on "Johnny Got His Gun" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. AP Essay "Johnny Got His Gun" This passage from Johnny Got His Gun describes the close relatioship between a father and his son.

Johnny got his gun anti war essay
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