Sustainable marketing and csr in egypt

They cover the three dimensions of sustainable development.

Sustainability Marketing: A Global Perspective, 2nd Edition

Issues related to mitigation and adaptation to climate change also present a critical challenge that must be addressed. An example of these projects is the recently launched Social Housing Programme, which aims to improve the affordability of formal housing for low-income households and is expected to reach more than 3.

Integrated sets of indicators coupled with informal approaches will allow analysis of the inherent trade-offs and inter-linkages among the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.


The principal threats to human health from industry are due to air pollution, water contamination, and solid and hazardous wastes. It is worth mentioning that several governmental officials attended the opening and closing ceremonies of the tournament.

Furthermore, Egypt has coordinated closely UN agencies providing technical assistance in establishing the necessary mechanisms and sharing relevant tools to support the SDGs at the national level.

Preparations at the national level: There is also a general policy to promote Green Industry. Donating cement to rain flood victims in Aswan.

Corporate Social Responsibility

American University in Cairo. Donated a fully equipped ambulance. Monitoring and evaluation units have been established in line ministries to support the monitoring of relevant programs and policies.

Building 19 schools in the remote villages of Assuit serving hundreds of young girls. Major Groups involvement No information is available. Data collected from interviews exposed a different reality of CSR practice than the one offered by literature. In fact, Year was announced as the Year of the Youth.

The Government recognizes science, technology and innovation as key drivers of economic growth and sustainable development.

In that regard, Egypt highly values the HLPF as the platform for reviewing and following-up the implementation of the SDGs through an interactive process of peer-learning and sharing of experiences and best practices, and mutually-beneficial cooperation that is driven by national priorities, and takes into account national sovereignty, with the ultimate purpose of supporting the global vision of sustainable development that leaves no one behind.

During the closing ceremony the company representatives distributed prizes and medals for the winning teams 1st, 2nd 3rd positionsin addition to special prizes for Most Valuable Player in the tournament and the player with best sportsmanship.

Key Messages of Egypt VNR 2018

Establishing a sports protocol to allow students from different schools from Assiut to visit our sports complex on daily basis and practice several types of sports, in addition to organizing the annual Ramadan Football Tournament.Private sector competes to provide new CSR services in Egypt Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has risen since the early 20th century due to the increasing separation between state ownership.

Marketing where the issues of non-renewable resources, waste, pollution and other “environmental” parts of the CSR sphere is dominant, but also the more socially green aspect, like preventing loss of species and destroying habitats for certain animals.

Sustainable Development Strategy: Egypt Vision October 27th Workshop on National Development Strategies and Plans for the Middle East & Central Asia Region. May 07,  · integrated marketing campaigns in Egypt and the Middle East. national policies and strategies of the government to achieve sustainable development.

Egypt Corporate Social Responsibility Forum. Share your experience with SIMPLY, Egypt Corporate Social Responsibility Forum SIMPLY, WE HAVE THE KNOW HOW. Egypt. on the practices of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Egyptian context to evaluate their compliance with the imperatives of Sustainable Development that have become a.

DuringCEMEX Egypt disclosed new features for its CSR activities and launched a new CSR plan to serve its surrounding community in Assiut through focusing on 4 major aspects that CEMEX believes could have a huge influence on these communities.

Sustainable marketing and csr in egypt
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