The past present and future of automated scoring essay

However, it is unclear how long the modern nation state will continue to be the strongest and most effective form of governance.

If terrorism is ever to be successfully eliminated, it would take widespread communication and cooperation amongst the nations of the world. Thus, leaders must be careful not to ignore forewarnings from the past in their decisions affecting the future.

Looking to the future is, in fact, looking to the past. Our past is an integral part of our identity, governing everything we do and circumscribing our future.

Past and Future- English Argumentative

Barring the less than likely worldwide political enlightenment of the people, terrorism will always exist. The countries of the world today must coordinate precise counter-terrorism tactics with a sense of necessity and urgency if they are to make an impact in reducing the likelihood of attack and unrest.

Another example of the past being inseperable from the future would be economics. This means that in the future, terrorism will likely change to fit the needs of political radicals. From these drastic measures, the concept of terrorism has evolved- the concept of violence and public intimidation to engender politics favored by the offending group.

This demonstrates the secondary goal of terrorist groups; once notoriety and panic have spread it is a mission of the group to strike up sympathy for the cause and to make a play for support from new people as it recruits more members.

It seems that terrorism has always been able to change with the times. The Pakistani Taliban recently sprung hundreds of members from prison while the Afghan Taliban successfully planned a large coordinated attack that ran across four provinces. The collapse of one The past present and future of automated scoring essay would have far greater impacts now on the rest of the world than in InPatricia Hearst, who had been captured by a group called the Symbionese Liberation Army, was convinced by the organization to actually join them, and took part in a bank robbery they orchestrated.

Past, Present, and Future

If we lose track of our heritages and traditions, we lose part of ourselves, especially our values and and beliefs.

Things like the globalization of one religion or of complete religious tolerancethe consolidation of nation states, or the assumption of power by an organization such as the UN- any of these things would cause a huge shift in the strategies, tactics, and goals of political activists.

One investment house sold nearly a billion dollars worth of securities in three investment trusts, all of which depreciated eventually to nothing. It is impossible to please everyone, so centralized governments will always face opposition, and this opposition will arm itself and seek to engender both fear and sympathy to accomplish its mission.

Technology: Past, Present, Future Expository Essay – ENG101 UPOX

The globalization of these tactics can be attributed to advances in communication as well as organizational structure in the Middle East. The past, present and future are entwined in each other, and most apparently, the past is deeply embedded in the future.

The dawn of terrorism as a political tool came in the 14th century as Jewish extremists attempted to incite revolt against the Roman Empire. Hence, failing to look to the past has proved to be a great mistake, and should not be repeated. If this came to be, it would change the way terrorism would have to operate to realize its goals.

The ensuing war may not have happened, and a groundswell of local support and sympathy for Al Qaeda would never come to be. It would severely hamper the efforts of the terrorist group, and to an extent nullify its political usefulness. Car bombs placed near government offices, or near railways, have been used many times in the past few decades.

This would be dreadful for the entire world, especially in light of increased globalisation. In an effort to spark tensions and bring attention to the U.

This is a deadly, fatal, and extremely misguided way of thinking; are they even thinking at all? As the terrorists evolve new tactics and concepts, the governing bodies can change as well to keep pace with them.

History teaches us many valuable lessons in life, for our time and the future generations to come. Much of the time terrorism targets ordinary citizens rather than government organizations.

Thus, inthe Glass-Steagall Act was passed, banning commercial banks from entering the investment banking business, either directly or indirectly. This outlines the main goals of terrorism- this group gained worldwide notoriety, brought attention to the issue, caused panic among the American people, made the government look bad, and provoked it into an all-out war in the Middle East, which was sure to cause anger from those middle eastern people who had nothing to do with the attack but who suffered nonetheless when the American forces bombed Afghanistan into submission.

Past, Present And Future

This is becoming even more important in our increasingly Westernised world, as Asian values and traditions are being swept up and pushed away by Western popular culture. Terrorism as a concept and in practice has undergone large changes over time as warfare, the organization of the nation state, and politics as a whole have also evolved.

History should not be allowed to repeat itself. This is a factor that many Singaporeans tend to forget, and one of the key thrusts in improving National Education is to establish a greater sense of Asian values in our young.

This means that terrorism is only a useful political tool with the modern nation states. Robert Orr, the chairman of this group, issued this statement: The goal for the terrorists is to demoralize the population, and at the same time to provoke the government into a disproportionate response.

The Irish Republican Army, Al Qaeda, the Basque separatists, the Taliban, and many other organizations that claim to be freedom fighters employ terrorist strategies to bring about the changes they seek for their region.Past Present Future Essay.

Past Present and Future Paper Nicole Bowers GEN/Interdisciplinary Capstone Course November 17, Dr. Laura Paul Past, Present and Future Paper I am the oldest Of 2 children I was. Past, Present, And Future Paper This is a three-part paper in which I will reflect on my personal and professional growth during my program of study at the University of Phoenix.

Part one will reflect upon were I was in my personal and professional life when I started the University of Phoenix program. The past, present and future are entwined in each other, and most apparently, the past is deeply embedded in the future. Often, youngsters feel that the past is unimportant, and that we ought to be looking to the future.

Past, Present and Future Free Essay English Language III Seen only by itself, time means nothing. It`s just the abstract notion of. My Past, Present, and Future Name PSY Chad Noble May 9, In this essay I will be writing about the past, present and future of my life.

I will be reflecting on many different aspects of my life good and bad. Technology: Past, Present, Future Expository Essay – ENG UPOX. Technology helps people get through everyday life, from a cell phones to a digital alarm clock, the whole world benefits from technology.

The past present and future of automated scoring essay
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