Thesis about recommendation for future marketing with franchising in china

All these franchises are targeting the average Chinese traveler in a bid to win their loyalties. For instance, Accor has tried to acquire a stronghold in the Chinese market with Grand Mercure regionally known as Mei Jue.

They only had themselves in structuring ways in which they could develop and implement their systems in accordance to Chinese law. Do you need help with research paper writing online? Conclusion Franchising came as an opportunity for smaller hotels to gain considerable amounts of financing.

For instance, popular Chinese franchises now face the risk of closing up businesses for failure to meet various quality and management standards Altinay, Overtime, new hotel chains came up leading to the present of incredible franchises.

These would comprise of long-term guidance, support, training and other value added services prior to deal signing.

Taking, therefore, a franchising approach equips individual hotels with the best work force that adjusts to various changes in customer tastes and preferences. This, thereby, locked out any foreign franchisor willing to invest and operate in China.

While clear regulations on Intellectual Property Rights have been put in place, their enforcement continues to grow weaker by the day. To customers it comprises of everything from their beds during travel to a part of their temporary homes during vacations. Similarly, legal documents associated with franchising and licensing often shields the affected franchisor from court battles.

A company could also have other desirable characteristics such as successful business plans, efficient distribution systems, and financial commitments.

Major international hotel franchisors have began to enter the Chinese market and proceeded to develop and acquire scores of hotel units throughout the economy. Managing and franchising of hotels in China proved much simpler before the Beijing Olympic Games since there were a few choices. Presently, Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts boast of being one of the best mid-market hotel brand names in China.

This assisted them to expand faster through the employment of a highly charged workforce. First, the scope of the Chinese franchise regulations has become drafted in such a way that it applies to all affiliation activities taking place within Chinese territory.

Therefore, a majority of hotel owners in China would think twice about franchising with brand names notable only to the western world. It seems encouraging enough that individual hoteliers look for helpful franchises with excellent work ethics Su, Presently, mid-market franchises have been revealing their best in ensuring that their brand promises are delivered to their customers and potential affiliations.

This means that most domestic franchisees and potential franchisees lack adequate understanding of the franchising ideology. Available Background Information on Franchises Choosing a hotel franchise in China requires an adequate amount of background research.

The decision to adopt and affiliate with a given brand would likely pose a huge effect to the future of a hotel property.

This seemingly favors local brands since they are faster, cost effective and knows their Chinese consumers better Yung, Entrepreneurs, therefore, choose those franchises that notable for investing more in their rooms thus coming up with a competitive strategy that is cost effective.

They should also do the same, including the registration of patent rights, before going into the Chinese hotel industry Zhu, They include instant brand recognition for new properties and the credibility of association with renowned entities.

The provision of long-term guarantee on business guidance and training has rose into becoming a critical area of concentration for most hotel franchisors. It is challenging individual hoteliers to forge excellent relationships with franchise that insist on the quality of service and overall hygiene.

Value Added Services Individual hoteliers and their customers have their own expectation when picking between hotel brands and products. Financial and Economic Health of Potential Franchisors Affiliating with a given hotel franchise has historically proven to be a lifetime investment.

As these two aspects rose significantly, they posed a great effect on the nature of the hotel industry.

This shows the governments protection of domestic franchisors at the expense of their foreign counterparts. This does not imply that the Chinese legal system is strict when dealing with foreign investors Terry, Whether in China or the US, investors are faced with the urge of selecting the best franchise from selected list.

Try our custom writing service to have your research paper written by academic experts.The future of a franchise, for instance Premier Inns, and its growth potential are vital dimensions when evaluating for a possible affiliation.

The government’s initial attempts to develop legal guidelines for franchising in China were the Franchise Rules.

research papers, thesis papers, essays, dissertations and other custom. The thesis information is based on the theory part, which is mainly collected by desktop studying. Then, based on the theory found, qualitative research was conducted use of wind power in China and the forecast of it, and the Chinese business entry strategy, which comprises of an entry mode and a marketing plan.

This might not. Franchising in China () Franchising Rides Waves of Economic Expansion in Asia and Pacific Rim () Franchising In China Speech - International Symposium (). Limitations and Future Research References Appendices Construct Definitions and Items franchising marketing relationships that have been previously ignored.

The following research questions are examined: a) What is franchisee-franchisor marketing alignment?, b) How does franchisee-franchisor marketing alignment affect. Bachelor Thesis Foreign Market Entry Strategy & International Franchising - Doing Business in Morocco Author: Rania Akhsassi Supervisor: Peter Caesar Examiner: Dr.

the future options of growing the operations interest the owners and this thesis will research is to introduce franchising as a potential growth strategy for the company. As The main theme of this thesis is franchising. Before getting into the theory of franchis.

Thesis about recommendation for future marketing with franchising in china
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