Women are better drivers than men

The fact that male drivers are more like to wave away traffic laws as being silly or superfluous is undeniably dangerous. According to Quality Planning an insurance statistics companytheir study shows that male drivers are significantly more likely to cause accidents than female drivers are.

Do the preceding points definitively prove that women are better drivers than men? The fact that women have a natural tendency to absorb and obey the rules could make them safer, and better, drivers.

When taken as a whole, though, they present a very compelling argument for the fact that women tend to be safer, more conscientious — and better — drivers. Those instincts could make women more conscientious about being safe drivers.

Having the wherewithal to use a seatbelt is a clear demonstration that a driver takes safety on the road seriously. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, male drivers are significantly more likely to be involved in fatality-causing accidents than women are.

The aforementioned NYC traffic study touches upon the fact that men are more likely to take drugs and drink before getting behind the wheel. Women have longer attention spans Recently, a whole lot of attention has been giving to the dangers of texting while driving.

If you have a choice between being driven around by a woman or a man, though, you should probably hedge your bets and stick with the female driver. Therefore, they are more likely to be defensive drivers and to steer as clear of accident-causing behaviors as possible. Women are better at learning and obeying rules According to the same study above, women have a much better ability to learn rules than men do.

Women outlive men in general The fact that women tend to outlive men is pretty much common knowledge. The University of Bradford study suggests that estrogen tends to give women much longer attention spans than men. Do you agree or disagree? Most would agree that safety on the road is a clear indication of skill behind the wheel.

According to the study, approximately 29 percent of men report having trouble keeping their attentions on the road when skimpily-attired women pass them by.

Most people would agree that the majority of women are born with innate, nurturing instincts. What can be quantified, though, are accident statistics.In the proverbial battle of the sexes, women are better drivers than men. Or so says a new study by an online auto insurance group that hopes to dispel the long-standing notion that women are bad drivers.

Some 80 percent of all fatal and serious car crashes are caused by male drivers, the study says. More men than women also admitted not indicating if they thought there was no one driving behind them.

13 Reasons Why Women Are Better Drivers Than Men

On courtesy on the roads, women had the edge too, with 39% always polite to other drivers, compared to just 28% of men. The split between Britain’s 40 million drivers is almost equal – 54% are male.

Women are, after all, better drivers than men

There are currently 40, license holders in Great Britain, of who 21, are men and 18, women. But when it comes to the 10, penalty points, men hold 7, to women’s 2, However, while the research shows women may be better drivers, this could be down to the fact that they had more practice, as it took them longer to receive their licence.

More women took their driving test than men last year, but fewer passed. Male chauvinists fond of criticising women drivers may be forced into a U-turn by new research that indicates it is men who are the inferior sex behind the wheel.

The study examined insurance. Men may be responsible for more accidents than women, but the gap is getting smaller. Today, more women drive (and drive more) than ever before, which has the unfortunate consequence of an increase in speeding, aggressive driving.

Women are better drivers than men
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