Write a b1ff filter cross

It was originally used in situations where, after you had carefully answered a question, the questioner stared at you blankly, clearly having understood nothing that was explained.

There is a legend about a drive that walked over to the only door to the computer room and jammed it shut; the staff had to cut a hole in the wall in order to get at it! Warez d00dz want to belong. The term probably originated on ITS, where the commands to begin and end transcript files were: The real running time of a program, as opposed to the number of tick s required to execute it on a timesharing system these always differ, as write a b1ff filter cross one program gets all the ticks, and on multiprocessor systems with good thread support one may get more processor time than real time.

They put up boards that distribute the latest ware, or pirate program. The wannabee phenomenon has a slightly different flavor now than it did ten or fifteen years ago.

Some of these programs have become quite sophisticated, and can now detect modem, fax, or PBX tones and log each one separately. Some bands of old-time hackers figured out how to induce disk-accessing patterns that would do this to particular drive models and held disk-drive races.

More likely you will find warez d00dz with handles like: These programs evolved from early demon dialer s.

The idea was that the paper for such listings was essentially good only for wallpaper, as evidenced at Stanford, where it was used to cover windows. Used of humans, the term is pejorative and implies an uncreative, bureaucratic, by-the-book mentality.

Used of a person who is in or might be entering larval stageit is semi-approving; such wannabees can be annoying but most hackers remember that they, too, were once such creatures.

Nevertheless, old-time hackers tend to share a poorly articulated disquiet about the change; among other things, it gives them mixed feelings about the effects of public compendia of lore like this one. In Britain and the Commonwealth this word is extremely rude and is best avoided unless one intends to give offense.

This is how they prove their poweress [sic].

I know, I know. Overuse of terms from this lexicon is often an indication of the wannabee nature. They have been shunned by everyone, and thus turn to cyberspace for acceptance.

See also code grinder ; compare droid.

The connotations of this term differ sharply depending on the age and exposure of the subject. Structure makes them happy. Conversations can also get wanky when there are too many wanks involved.

A file containing a listing e.Go to the previous, next section. = W = wabbit /wab'it/ /n./ [almost certainly from Elmer Fudd's immortal line "You wascawwy wabbit!"] 1. A legendary early hack reported on a System/ at RPI and elsewhere around ; this may have descended (if only by inspiration) from a hack called RABBITS reported from on a Burroughs at .

Write a b1ff filter cross
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