Write a sentence that correctly combines one dependent clause and one independent clause

Needless to say, it is important to learn how to combine independent clauses into larger units of thought.

It always makes a complete thought. Notice that this is an example of the shortest sentence that can ever be written: More on dependent clauses Compound sentence: Dependent clauses contain a subordinating conjunction along with a subject and verb.

Independent clauses are strong Compare an independent clause to the ideal roommate: Notice that all of these sentences include an independent clause that could be used to create a sentence all on its own.

The girl ran into her bedroom. Example 5 is a sentence fragment.

Sentence clause structure

In a relative clause, the relative pronoun is the subject of the verb remember that all clauses contain a subject-verb relationship and refers to relates to something preceding the clause. Whatever you want for dessert is fine with me.

Complex Sentence

A compound sentence has two or more independent clauses but does not contain any dependent clauses. More on the different types of sentences. Juan finally revealed what he had done with the money. Here are some examples of complex sentences: The use of a comma to separate two independent clauses without the addition of an appropriate conjunction is called a comma splice and is generally considered an error when used in the English language.

Learn how to float, and not drown. Some relative clauses will refer to more than a single word in the preceding text; they can modify an entire clause or even a series of clauses.

This digital handout categorizes clauses into independent and dependent clauses. The simple sentence in example 1 contains one clause. Join two independent clauses with a semicolon. On the other hand, if a group of related words does not contain a subject with an attached verb, it is simply a phrase.

It would also be helpful at this time to review the section on Punctuation Between Two Independent Clauses.

Example of a Complex Sentence: Two Clauses, One Sentence

A complex sentence has one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses. All complex sentences have an independent clause and a dependent clause. A nonrestrictive clause is not essential to the meaning of the sentence; it can be removed from the sentence without changing its basic meaning.

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Because I was running late for work, I was snippy with him. This is called subordination. Studying before the test is good, if you want to pass.Start studying Sentence Grammer. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

sentence has one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses. are words that show the subject of the independent clause to the dependent clause.

complex sentences use subordinating conjunctions. compound. A(n) _____ makes clauses dependent. Subordinating conjunction. Which are independent clauses? Check all that apply.

Complex Sentence Examples

It contains two compound sentences and one complex sentence. Which is an example of a dependent clause? A sentence that includes an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses.

Compound sentence. Another term for dependent clause is subordinate clause: this means that the clause is subordinate to another element (the independent clause) and depends on that other element for its meaning. The subordinate clause is created by a subordinating conjunction or dependent word.

A sentence consisting of at least one dependent clause and at least two independent clauses may be called a complex-compound sentence or compound-complex sentence. Sentence 1 is an example of a. Independent clauses can be connected (or separated, depending on your point of view) in a variety of ways.

When two ideas come together and either one of them can stand by itself — as its own, independent sentence — the following kinds of punctuation are possible. Mar 20,  · An independent clause can stand alone as a simple sentence while a dependent clause cannot.

“I burned dinner” is a good example of a simple sentence/independent clause. 2) A compound sentence is one comprised of two independent clauses joined using a ultimedescente.com: Jyl Lytle.

Write a sentence that correctly combines one dependent clause and one independent clause
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